Saturday, April 9, 2011

What do coupons look like?

In an earlier post we talked about all of the different types of coupons but I thought it would be helpful to know what each kind looks like as well. I found a blog with some great examples, see source at the bottom of the post.

Newspaper Inserts

This is an example of what the inserts will look like when they come in your newspaper.

This is a great example of what the actual coupons will look like once you cut them out of your newspaper.

Internet Printable Coupons

There will be slight variations as to what each Internet Printable looks like depending on where you print from but for the most part, they will look exactly like this or very similar.

Blinkie Machines

These machines will hold coupons that could potentially save you money, even down the road. I often will grab a few copies of the coupon if it's for something I might buy and I keep them in my binder for later. Often these machines will have a blinking light on them to draw your attention, hence the name.

Peelies on Product

Common couponing courtesy says you should only take these coupons if you are going to be buying the product. 


These will usually be found next to the product the coupon is for. These are also ones that I like to take a few copies and keep for later use. Please remember to leave some for others though.


These are coupons that will print from a special machine after you have finished your order. I most often get them at Smith's, Walgreens, and Target. They can be just a manufacture's coupon, or a coupon for a specific amount back on your next order, or sometimes they will just be advertisements for upcoming sales. 

Walgreen's Register Rewards

These will print out of the catalina machine and they are for a specific amount off your next purchase.

Printed on Receipt

I haven't seen as many of these at Target recently but that is where I see them most often. They are Target coupons that can be used on your next order. They will print off after your receipt. 

Store Ad

Many store ads will have store coupons in them. Sometimes they will be manufacturer's coupons so just make sure you read the print. You will need the coupon to get the deal but you can often find a copy of the ad in the store or the cashier will have one handy if you forget yours.

On Product

These are the coupons that can be found either on the packaging or in with the product. They are often rare coupons and can be higher value than coupons you can find on the same product.


Smith's often sends out packages of coupons that look very similar to these. They are usually for products that you purchase a lot of. Sometimes they are great coupons and sometimes they aren't but they don't cost you anything to print or to buy (like the paper) so they are great to hang on to.

Those are all of the main types of coupons that you will find and hopefully since you know what to look out for, you'll start to find it very easy to locate all of these great coupons.

All pictures taken from Schmidt Family Blog.

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